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NEW ALBUM: MATSAI "THE REVOLUTION IS FREE" (available on ITUNES , Google Play etc)

Matsai "The Revolution is Free" 


Matsai: The Revolution is Free - iTunes

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This album was recorded worldwide: in England, France, India (in Goa and in the Hymalaya), and in the US in New York and San Francisco


On this album Matsai plays guitars, bass, keyboards, synthesizers, drum programming and samples, while also singing, producing and arranging.

Numerous guests have participated to this album: Coldcut (also founders of the internationally acclaimed multi award winning record label Ninja Tune), the singer Law from New York City, French singer Rola Bola, producers The Edge, the saxophonist Rodney Rock, the trip hop artist Rim Laurens, the label producer Alex Clapworthy, and more.

VIDEO: MATSAI "I SAY YEAH" Produced by KNOX (film maker featured in the Banksy movie)

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LISTEN TO THE MATSAI EP ALBUM: TAKE OFF (available on ITUNES, Google Play etc))

Matsai "Take Off"


Matsailove - Matsaï

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